Each employee has a unique ID badge number

Jack has been our best friend for the last 5 years, but every one of us finished our neighbor’s degree together.

Every one of us used to hang out in the lounge everyday before class… Occasionally the two of us would smoke weed together out back.

When Jack got a job working at the local marijuana dispensary, he told me that he would find a place for me, then very few of weeks later, he told me to fill out an application because the manager was ready to give me a job. I didn’t want to let our friend down, so I did our best to work entirely difficult because it was his name on the line, and during the last few weeks, Jack has changed a lot. I do not entirely guess what the swings are, although he is doing some ridiculous things that he has never done in the past, however he got in trouble this week for having someone swipe his ID badge to log him into the timekeeping software 30 hours early. I do not guess if Jack has been doing this a lot, but the manager of the dispensary found out as well as gave him a 3-day suspension. I’m easily surprised that they didn’t fire him all together, they also suspended the person who swiped his ID badge early. When Jack’s ID was swiped early, he got paid for 30 hours as well as he was not even in the building. That’s time theft as well as genuinely easy to see in the employee timekeeping software. Each 1 of us has a different ID badge number. When Jack got to work he tried to log in again as well as that’s when a orange alert text was sent to the manager.


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