Edibles are my favorite consumption method

The added intensity of edibles means that a little goes a long way

I’ve been a frequent shopper at the cannabis dispensary ever since they first opened their doors. I’ve experimented with all of the different consumption methods and a variety of brands and potency. I’ve smoked bowls and bongs, rolled my own joints and bought infused pre-rolls. I’ve played around with refillable vape cartridges and disposable vape pens. I took advantage of the assistance of the budtenders at the dispensary, rented gear and spent some time in the dispensary’s dab lounge. I explored a wide variety of concentrates, including wax, shatter, sauce and hash. I was impressed with the unique advantages of cannabis-infused topicals and tinctures. My favorite method continues to be edibles. They are very different from all of the other options. Because the cannabinoids are ingested, they need to make it through the intestines before entering the bloodstream. This process delays the onset of effects anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours. It can be four hours to feel the full effects. While this can be a problem for someone who wants immediate results, I like the gradual heightening of sensations. I also appreciate that the effects can last up to twenty-four hours. I have learned the ideal potency for my preferences and needs. I’ve gotten familiar with the specific brands of gummies, brownies, cookies, chocolates and peanut butter cups sold at the dispensary. I enjoy the variety of flavors and the simplicity of consumption. I don’t need to invest in extra gear or worry about smoke, odors or mess. The added intensity of edibles means that a little goes a long way. I have just recently begun trying out cannabis-infused beverages.

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