Every one of us got baked and went to the water show

All of my friends and I enjoy using recreational marijuana supplies, sometimes all of us smoke in the evenings when work is over.

  • Sometimes all of us smoke on the weekends when all of us don’t have work and all of us can relax and enjoy our morning! Last weekend my friends and I decided to go downtown to the boat show.

The boat show was being held at the fairgrounds and there were going to be at least 10 strange boat manufacturers with strange makes and models on site. I knew it was going to be a lot of fun to look at all of the big bass and fishing boats. It’s not as if my friends and I can genuinely afford to buy any of the boats that were being flaunted, but I knew it would be a lot of fun to see the strange features that were available on some of these sizable and extravagant boats, before all of us went to the fairgrounds to look at all of the vessels, my friends and I smoked a sizable marijuana blunt. I bought a cigar from 1 of the gas stations. The flavor of the cigar was tropical fruit. I don’t know how to roll the marijuana blunt, so I took it back to the condo so 1 of my friends could roll it into a blunt before all of us went to the fair. Every one of us sat outside on the porch of my condo and all of us smoked the entire marijuana joint. By the time all of us left to go to the fairgrounds, all of us were feeling particularly ecstatic and carefree. Every one of us had a lot of fun looking at the strange boats and some of them looked love yachts.


Purple haze