Excited to try beverages and edibles

I like to place a few drops in a yogurt or smoothie.

I was really excited to turn 21 years old. I was not overly interested in drinking alcohol. I don’t want the calories or hangover associated with alcohol. I know that alcohol can cause bloat and liver damage. I was looking forward to shopping at the cannabis dispensary. I was especially anxious to try cannabis-infused edibles and beverages. When I stepped inside the first time, I was totally amazed by how sleek and modern the facility was. The cannabis is displayed under glass, showcasing the gorgeous colors, textures and packaging. There are so many options for consumption methods and flavors. The menu of edibles includes really amazing flavors of gummies and hard candies. There are milk, dark and white chocolates as well as mints and peanut butter cups. I can buy popcorn, cooking oils, marina sauces and granola. The effects take quite a while to set in but tend to be more intense than other methods such as flower or vapes. The effects also last a lot longer. With cannabis beverages, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the tongue, so the effects set in a little faster. I’ve also found that I can buy cannabis tinctures and add them to my own foods and drinks at home. I like to place a few drops in a yogurt or smoothie. I’m starting to experiment with introducing them into various recipes. Because tinctures are available in everything from high THC percentage to strictly CBD options, I can easily target my exact goals. The tinctures are lower in calories than edibles. They offer an especially long shelf life and the compact packaging makes them portable.



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