Full or broad spectrum oil

I decided recently that I wanted to take a CBD product in order to stop my chronic pain, then i was in a automobile accident a few weeks ago and the pain flares up from time to time, then rather than take pain pills, I wanted to rely on cannabis.

I found that I did not even need to get high to reduce my pain either. I could remove THC completely from the equation! CBD products are vast too, however you can smoke, vape, eat or apply it directly to the skin. I choose to do a CBD oil that I vape. I found a small hiccup in the process; The budtender selling myself and others my CBD oil wanted to suppose if I wanted a broad spectrum CBD oil or a full spectrum CBD oil, however what is the difference? Full spectrum CBD is around .3% THC in it. The traces of THC are unquestionably minimal though. The user shouldn’t ever know high when taking a full spectrum CBD product, but a broad spectrum CBD oil is pure CBD. There are no traces of flavonoids and terpenes. It is just what you want. Which 1 is better? Honestly, the full spectrum is more powerful and produces better effects. That little bit of THC goes a long way. The budtender told myself and others that the only reason someone would remove the THC completely is if they had a job that drug tests, but since I labor from home, the full spectrum CBD oil was perfect for myself and others and my situation. I love that I can do it truly and it is unquestionably effective.


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