Getting older comes with a big boost from the cannabis dispensary

When I was 50, I stopped doing so many of the things that were just destroying the chances of me having the sort of life that I wanted when I was 70.

That meant cutting out all the processed food, getting exercise and just generally being more mindful of my health.

Well, I made it to 70 and I’m even more active than I thought I’d be. But with the benefit of indica strains as well as sativa products, I’m going to keep on keeping on. I’m so glad that I chose to get fit and healthy before I couldn’t. I’ve seen too many of my friends just laboring to get up out of a chair. For sure, I still have all sorts of aches and pains but I can certainly get out of a chair without a major production. Yet, the cannabis products I get from my local cannabis spot are such a big benefit to me. The indica products in particular really help me with the inflammation. My joints get to hurting some as I’m exercising or doing some sort of activity. The indica products are great at helping me manage the tightness. Plus, my range of motion is so much better when I use the indica strains. I make sure that I use some indica products when I have my days that contain long stretching sessions. But I also count on the sativa strains to help me relax and remember the big picture. I may be 70 and most of my life is behind me. Still, I’m happy, healthy and I can count on the local cannabis spot to take care of my cannabis product needs.

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