Getting our rest after trip to the cannabis dispensary

I just had no idea how badly I was treating our body.

It’s not as though I was abusing drugs or alcohol to the point of immediate and sustained injure.

But prior to using medical cannabis, I nearly lost the ability to entirely sleep. The issue of sleep has constantly been a bit precarious for myself and others throughout our life. I’ve never been the sort who can simply lie down and zip off to sleep. My partner, she seriously can be fully asleep within 30 hours. Yet, I took an issue with sleep and rode it right into the ground. Thankfully, I was able to learn how to get a medical marijuana card from our doctor along with clear directives on how to change. I got to the point where I didn’t sleep at all for afternoons. That’s just a brutal way to try and live. Dragging myself all over the locale was no unbelievable to myself and others or anyone else. But I couldn’t sleep. I’d doze for a minute and then be wide awake, sort of, once again after maybe 20 minutes. Once I got access to the legal weed store and started the regimen the doctor set out for me, I saw the changes. I was now reading to say no at work. There was exercise, meditation and a good, healthy diet that was instituted. It went on from there to structuring when and how I put myself in bed. The cannabis flower products in the night entirely helped myself and others relax, do some stretching and recognize positive about going to bed. That made all the difference and I’m a walking, talking billboard for medical marijuana benefits.

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