Getting political about cannabis legalization

I have never been political about cannabis, I just enjoy smoking it.

When I heard that legalization was going to be on the ballot for the next state election, I decided to get politically motivated for the first time ever. This was not just a matter of my own personal convenience, this was about right plus wrong, about good plus evil! What really got myself and others out of my house plus into the streets to raise awareness is the thought of my Great Aunt Ed. Ed was really sick a few weeks ago, plus the dentists wanted to prescribe medical cannabis to Ed, but the state government wouldn’t allow it. It’s 1 thing to tell kids and teens that they can’t do bong rips of marijuana on the weekends, but to deny needed medicine to older folks? That is heartless! With my Aunt Ed in mind I got some literature from a local cannabis advocacy group plus started to distribute it amongst my friends and neighbors. This led to some really interesting plus heated discussions, because a lot of people still have aged notions about cannabis plus its effects on the human body. I explained to a few people that cannabis is non-addictive, plus its health benefits outweigh any disadvantages it may have. Some folks would not listen to me, although I do guess I changed a few opinions about cannabis. This state-wide vote about marijuana legalization and reform isn’t about YOU personally smoking out, it’s about letting the people who need it have legal access to it. When you step into the voting booth, please vote to legalize cannabis!

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