Getting to like pre-rolls

My favorite cannabis consumption method is smokable flower.

I like the rapid onset of effects and find the process of smoking very relaxing.

For a while, I insisted on buying loose flower from the dispensary and rolling my own joints. I wanted the ability to select premium level bud. I would check out the color and texture of the weed. I would verify the pungent smell and abundance of trichomes. However, rolling a proper joint isn’t exactly quick or easy. It requires skill, patience and specialized accessories. There is some mess and waste. A poor roll can result in an uneven burn. I finally decided to try pre-rolls. They are available at the dispensary in an impressive variety of brands and strains. I can choose from indicas to help me relax, mellow out and sleep better. I can buy sativas for energizing effects and to boost mood and creativity. There are all different types of hybrids that target specific effects and curative properties. Pre-rolls are sold in singles and packs, and there are infused and non-infused options. The pre-rolled joints and blunts that are infused with concentrate offer higher THC potency. I like the affordability of single pre-rolls. They allow me to experiment a bit. I can try new strains without a huge investment. Plus, the dispensary frequently includes various pre-rolls in their daily deals, specials and sales. Buying pre-rolls simplifies the smoking process. They are always rolled perfectly and provide a consistent burn. They are securely packaged and portable. While I will still occasionally roll my own joint, I most often choose pre-rolls now.

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