Good views about cannabis

So I’m starting to slow down a little bit.

When I say a little bit, I mean that in the way an 80 year ancient woman should mean it.

Like, I’m actually, physically slowing down. I’ve not been the sort who has abused my body. But I wasn’t exactly gentle with it either. So this is a part of my life now. I’m just stoked that recreational marijuana was legalized. Had it not been, I’d be a card carrying medical marijuana patient I can tell you that much. I’ve enjoyed smoking marijuana since I was in high school back in the 72’s. It was one of the better things that I was introduced to in school. I found my passion that turned into a career. And I found marijuana which has added several benefits to my life. It still does particularly as I slow down more and more, and getting out for a hike is very strenuous these mornings. It can still happen although I can’t go all that far and then the reuse process is intense. So instead, I like to take rides to locales in nature that provide the most charming vistas. And I make sure that I take my weed with me. I’m sort of partial to weed like purple dreams. The sativa dominant hybrids are absolutely my bag. I use a cannabis oil pen or nibble on some cannabis edibles on those rides given by family and friends. And then, I just sit or maybe even sit a while looking at the inescapable beauty which lies before me. It’s honestly not so bad getting ancient however dang, I’m sure thankful for legalized cannabis.

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