Great gathering made even better with a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Social media has transformed my relationships.

I’m not the sort that post a bunch of stuff or anything like that.

But it’s the access to find, communicate and gather with old friends that has been so remarkable. Recently, I sort of hosted a gathering or reunion of old highschool friends. The thing is though is that I live many states away from where I grew up. And I happen to live in a state where anyone of age can access a cannabis dispensary. This is how I ended up being the pseudo host. It’s not like I had all these people to my home. No, but I did put together the logistics of having a big enough space with catering for us all to relax and reconnect. For many of us, it was the first time we had seen each other in like 30 years. I know that when I went off to college, I saw less of my highschool friends. Once I started using recreational marijuana, I sort of gravitated to people that weren’t anything at all like those back home. Then, I got a job a long way away and the rest is history. So we had this gathering and so many people came to see each other but also to go shopping for marijuana for sale. I was so surprised by how many of my old classmates enjoyed sativa and indica products. I even rented a bus to tour us around one day to all of the cannabis dispensaries in my local area. We had a blast and I’m actually sort of ready to do it again.
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