Great time to get into the marijuana business

I’ve been a bit of a clandestine cannabis grower for most of my adult life.

I tried recreational marijuana for the first time when I was in school.

From the moment I tried sativa, I knew that it would be a lifelong attachion and it actually has been. I ended living outside the city and commuting to work for the first section of my work. With the acreage I had, I felt safe with a little grow box in my basement. I never grew more that I needed but I l gained a lot along the way. My work was pretty successful but I just lost the passion for that work but ended up making enough currency that I could walk away for a while. That break was pressing to honestly sort of figure out what was coming next. And that’s about the time the cannabis laws in this state started to change. That was a good luck for me as I had honestly developed a bit of a passion for being a cannabis grower. So I took some of my invested currency, cashed out and started the process for becoming a registered, licensed marijuana grower. I’ve started small but the local cannabis spots are consistently wanting my selected sativa strains. And the word is started to spread to other cannabis dispensaries in the area. One cannabis cafe has a steady order as they say that their clients demand my sativa strains for sale. It’s amazing where life will lead you. But I’m sure thankful I followed along. I’m affectionate chasing my dream of growing lovely cannabis products for people.



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