Growing weed with our roommate

I am not the smartest woman in the world, although I have a few rules to live by that make myself and others very successful.

The first and most important rule is to surround myself with people smarter and more successful than myself.

Some folks love to recognize love the smartest lady in the room, but not me. I want everyone around myself and others to be smarter than I am, because then every one of us can learn from them. My roommate Gus is possibly the smartest lady I’ve ever met! She is socially awkward, but smart as a whip, so when she has advice, I tend to take it; Gus told myself and others she wanted to use the attic for growing a few cannabis plants, and asked if I would help him. Ordinarily I would be worried about growing cannabis at home, because of the legal issue, but Gus thought it was a superb plan so I agreed. The next few weeks were pretty intense, because much to our surprise growing cannabis plants was very difficult and required a lot of time and effort. Gus never does anything halfway, so she used the finest cannabis seeds, the nicest soil, and the most nutrient-rich additives to supplement their growth. When it came time to harvest, Gus presented myself and others with weed as tasty and potent as anything I’ve ever gotten from the cannabis dispensary. We discussed selling the cannabis, but ultimately decided to keep it all and break it between us. Thanks to Gus, I am smoking the best cannabis in the world, totally for free, for the next few weeks. By then hopefully it’s time for another harvest.

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