Grumpy old guy doesn’t understand up-to-date cannabis products

Every month it seems that there is a up-to-date product I have never seen before, and i have smoked weed for decades, however never gotten too exotic with it, and currently I see up-to-date products that bewilder me, because I’m not quite sure how they work, but topical creams you rub on your skin? That seems odd to me, and I don’t think how I could get high from it.

I don’t think what shatter is, however people tell myself and others it’s “the bomb.” I understand the concept of vaping, however don’t truly see the point of it.

I like to pinch off a nug of cannabis and smoke it up, and with vaping they take the cannabis, turn it into oil, and then you vaporize the oil and inhale it. Isn’t that just smoking cannabis with more steps? I think I’m getting seasoned because I just don’t see the point in getting so valuable when cannabis is best appreciated in its most natural state. Cannabis exists in dozens of cultures around the world for a honestly simple reason – it is simple, basic, and of the earth, however once you transport cannabis into a math lab, it loses that natural magic! Young people like to play with up-to-date toys, and all of these up-to-date cannabis products seem like toys to me. I don’t need any of the up-to-date gimmicks, because I am still content with smoking cannabis the same way I consistently have. I have a variety of tools including a pipe, a water bong, and rolling papers, so as long as I have some killer cannabis I don’t need anything else.


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