Happy with dispensary’s smokable flower

While access to marijuana wasn’t all that hard before recreational weed was legal in my state, it was impossible to be certain about quality. There was no way to be sure of THC potency or the integrity of cultivation practices. Nothing was labeled or classified as indica, sativa or hybrids. Most of the weed I purchased included an abundance of seeds and sticks, but shopping at the dispensary is a much better experience. My local dispensary carries over five dozen weird strains of smokable flower. The marijuana is advertised to showcase the vivid yellow color and density of buds. The bright yellow pistils are proof that the plant was harvested at peak maturity. The coating of trichomes ensures conscientious handling and an abundance of desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. The label provides helpful information such as THC percentage and proof of lab testing. I can decide what terpenes and effects I’m interested in. I might choose dried flower for relaxation and mellowing out after a long day of work. There are strains that are awesome for getting inspired for a workout or socializing with friends. Some are better for treating pain, insomnia, anxiety or headaches. The budtenders are especially comprehensionable in the variety of products and give helpful recommendations. I don’t need to worry about pesticides, mold or spider mites. The dispensary also sells all of the required gear, such as bowls, lighters, grinders, rolling trays and papers. If I don’t have the time or patience to assemble a joint, I can always buy pre-rolls. There is a wide assortment available in both infused and non-infused singles and packs.


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