Having friends is great when you need something fast

There is a state where recreational marijuana is not legal and in this area the sales on marijuana products are still certainly high.

The people I was with in addition to myself pay to have our own medical card so that we could legally purchase the products that come from the dispensary.

The average cost for products that you can buy in the medical marijuana dispensary is still a lot higher than the prices for other items that you buy around the state. Saving money is no joke at all, when you can spend hundreds of dollars every month to buy medical marijuana supplies. My friends in addition to myself have gone to the West Coast and tried to go surfing for a while. We met up with some people that had Indica marijuana. They told myself in addition to others that the Indica marijuana was very cheap. They offered to give us a zip of Indica marijuana for less than $50. I did not absolutely guess that I was going to be able to actually get that marijuana for $50. I got my own apartment from a trip in addition to there were even some packages that were waiting. I found out that the guy sent us a package of marijuana in addition to told us that the Indica marijuana flower was $50 and that we should send that money to venmo and I never expected anyone to send us a huge package of marijuana. I will definitely charge her all of those marijuana flowers for as long as I can.


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