He was a physician who believed in holistic health.

When I went to the nurse last week, I was embarrassed to bring up the problem I was having! They maintained myself and others with fibroid tumors as well as they were causing a lot of pain; I told the nurse I needed something for the cramping as well as pain, but all he wanted to do was provide myself and others more painkillers; His painkillers didn’t help my headaches, as well as I needed something that was legitimately going to help.

I asked him what he thought about holistic health, as well as he merely shrugged.

I had been learning a lot about a holistic health lifestyle. Holistic health is an approach to life. Instead of focusing on illness as well as particular parts of the body, this outdated approach to health considers the whole person, including their mental, emotional as well as spiritual being, as well as not just their physical health. I spoke to numerous people before I found a holistic health nurse, but she told myself and others she had treated several patients who were females as well as suffering from fibroid tumors. She put myself and others on some herbs that were said to shrink the tumors, however she also provided myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana, which would ease the pain as well as discomfort that comes with them. She didn’t heal the fibroid tumors, but they were easier to live with… After talking to the holistic health specialist, I wanted to learn more about the practice. I found a college in our section that had a class curriculum for holistic health, as well as I signed up for the class. I hope to help others who have health conditions as well as nurses only want to provide you drugs.



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