Hiking the national park can be dangerous fun

Hiking in the national park near my home is a lot of fun.

My friends and I like to go rock climbing and hiking.

Sometimes we will take our mountain bikes on the trails as well, but it is a lot more fun to traverse each one of the trails on foot. Hiking the park can be a lot of dangerous fun, so it’s really important to be prepared. My friends and I make sure that we wear proper shoes and gear. We also bring safety harnesses and ropes just in case there is some type of accident while we are exploring. My friends and I take recreational marijuana on our hike, but we never smoke marijuana until we reach our destination. It’s a lot of fun to get high and hang out at the reservoir or down by the canyon, but it’s also important to get there safely. My friends and I know and understand that it can be very dangerous to scale a wall when your depth perception is off. One of the problems with smoking marijuana is the fact that it makes your senses different. Your taste and smell is different and so is your sense of distance. There were a couple of young kids on the trail last week and they were smoking a marijuana joint near the base of the canyon. They were on their way up and smoked right before they left. I honestly thought it was pretty dangerous to smoke right before the hike, because the base of the canyon is one of the most difficult parts of the 12 mile trek.
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