His blood pressure is too high

A while ago my husband gave blood and the woman told him he had high blood pressure. We have since been monitoring this. He bought a blood pressure gauge at the pharmacy and checks it once a week. I have started making dinners that will lower blood pressure. My husband has started working out for the first time since high school. He also is trying to read, do yoga and listen to music in order to calm his mind. He is a little better, but not great. Currently he isn’t at a dangerous level. He is just right before they start telling you to take blood pressure medication. Since he isn’t forty years old yet, I want to see if we can fix it naturally. I found that medical weed can lower blood pressure. There have been studies of patients relying on medical cannabis for three months and seeing a significant reduction in their hypertension. You can’t get a medical marijuana card for blood pressure, but you can for anxiety. I feel my husband has a touch of this. He is anxious and that is making his blood pressure go skyhigh. I want him to vape cannabis oil or smoke a flower based product in order to calm down. I then am hopeful he will do this for three months and we will monitor his blood pressure. I Want him to live a long time. His family has a history of heart attacks. I don’t want that to happen to my man. It is better to tackle this issue now.
how to get a medical marijuana card