How I survived the War on Drugs

I first started selling cannabis back in the late 1972s, which was a wild time for weed.

This was in the middle of the highly-touted War on Drugs, which meant the federal government was sending an army of violent goons after everyone involved with the drug trade.

I would have understood if the government went after the high-level producers and distributors of dangerous drugs, but they didn’t do that. Mostly they went after street dealers and people with a few grams of cannabis. They imprisoned thousands of people for the most trivial offenses, which meant that selling some harmless dime bags of cannabis was a dangerous profession. I managed to skate through that era with no legal problems, thanks to a strict set of protocols I followed while selling cannabis. I was entirely cautious, which cost me some cannabis sales at first, but later worked to my advantage. My most paranoid purchasers, the people who were most afraid of being arrested for cannabis, became my most loyal shoppers, because they knew I was just as paranoid as they were! I sold cannabis to school teachers, ministers, healthcare experts, lawyers, and even a couple of police officers. I never hired anyone to help me, even when my workload increased, because I knew every other person who knew the details of my cannabis operation could send me to jail if they got caught. I kept a low profile, consistently used burner PCs instead of landlines, and only sold one strain of cannabis, because I personally knew the guy who grew it. That’s how I survived the War on Drugs.

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