Husband needs medical weed for back pain

I am telling our fiance that he needs to get a medical marijuana prescription; He has been complaining for years about his back bothering him.

I have tried to find a natural way to repair this.

I upgraded our fiance’s office chair with a better model. I also made him swim in the morning for a workout plus stretch before bed. I make dinners with anti-inflammatory foods. I even gave him a weekly massage appointment plus a few trips to the chiropractor. Nothing has seemed to help his back out at all. My fiance should try medical cannabis. It is suggested to try marijuana for chronic pain. My fiance has this! He is sore, slim plus aggravated all morning long now. He needs something to loosen his muscles plus his tension. I think he is really a unquestionably anxious person. Then he tenses up during the workday plus later pays for it in terms of being sore. I can’t seem to relax him though. I feel if he drank cannabis oil first thing in the morning with his coffee, he wouldn’t be as stressed. He wouldn’t have that muscle tension plus get sore by the end of the labor morning. My fiance is skeptical about trying medical weed though. He absolutely doesn’t want to get the card plus then be slightly high during the workday. I am pushing him to at first try a heavy CBD strain. He won’t get high, just feel a bit mellow. Tons of people are relying on medical cannabis now too.



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