I adore my work as a cannabis dispensary driver

Thank goodness the Winter is here! When the weather gets cold, company picks up for those of us in the delivery business! Please don’t say that I am a “delivery boy” I consider that to be degrading! I am an adult man, who’s chosen profession is delivering things to people.

I started delivering pizzas and food when I was attending university, then since I love to drive, it’s an easy way to make extra currency.

At present I work for a cannabis dispensary, which is a big improvement over pizzas let myself and others tell you. It doesn’t matter what product I deliver, because when it turns cold out demand rises, even though most of the cannabis dispensary clients live within a block or 2, they just don’t want to go out in the cold weather; They would much rather spend money for a delivery, plus tip the driver, then fight the frost plus the snow to go to the cannabis dispensary in person. I really don’t mind, because this is the best season for tips, plus the cold doesn’t bother me. Cannabis clients always tip really well for deliveries anyway, but when the temps dip so low it makes them feel that they are guilty. One of my official cannabis delivery clients is a sweet old lady, plus she really gave myself and others a piping hot travel mug of cocoa when I dropped off her cannabis concentrates. The rule at the cannabis dispensary is that tipping should never to be encouraged, plus I respect that rule, and all of us get paid an hourly wage for cannabis delivery, so gratuities are not expected or needed – although I never ever turn 1 down!

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