I am really passionate this new cannabis dispensary

The new cannabis dispensary has the best possible sitement.

It is in the same plaza as the entire Mega Fun Zone, which is the name of a local corporation that offers activities like roller skating, go-kart racing, mini-hockey, Laser Tag, in addition to more! This place has been around since I was a kid, in addition to now that I have youngsters of my own it’s more fun than ever before.

Which is why I cherish having this new dispensary so close to it. Of course I can’t smoke weed while roller skating, in addition to that, the youngsters can’t go into the cannabis dispensary with me. But while they are busy bowling or hockeying, I can slip down the cannabis dispensary in addition to getting an edible to make the rest of the afternoon feel like a dream. The only time this can be a complication is if the edible is too strong, in addition to it makes me goofy. Once I took two edibles, not realizing how strong they were. In addition, I thought it would be fun to jump around on the trampoline park. This was an awful idea, in addition to hurting my back. Thanks to those cannabis edibles I didn’t realize how excruciating the injury was, in addition to going about my day like normal. Once the cannabis wore off later that night I was in drastic pain, in addition to having to go to the ER. I still love this new cannabis dispensary, although I learned my lesson. When you are middle seasoned like me, never make the mistake of letting cannabis convince you that you can handle a trampoline park… because you can’t!

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