I broke up with the guy and I was wrong

When I was in my twenties, I meant a guy that went to the same college as me. We started dating and we had a lot of things in common. We both liked books and video games and we both liked spending time at home instead of going to bars or parties. A lot of the people that lived in my dorm went to parties, drank beer, and smoked marijuana. I wasn’t into that scene at all and I was happy that my boyfriend was the same way. When he started hanging out with some new friends, he began to use marijuana products. At first he was only using marijuana when he was with his friends and then one time he was still high when he came to pick me up for a date. I totally freaked out and got mad, because I thought he was going to cause an accident while driving under the influence of marijuana. My boyfriend tried to assure me that he was perfectly fine, but I was angry and I broke up with a guy. I was mostly upset about the fact that he was using marijuana. That was 20 years ago and I am not the same person that I was then. Now I know that marijuana can be a helpful Medical treatment and fun recreational product. I have learned so much about marijuana products in the past 20 years and one of the things that I regret most is how I broke up with that guy. I wouldn’t let the guy go now just because he was a recreational marijuana user.


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