I can smoke our vape pen

When I got a job with the factory, I did not think I was going to be able to use recreational marijuana at all during the afternoon. I did not get how the boss was going to act or how the rules might be enforced. I did not get anything at all, so I took a couple of weird types of edibles to the job with myself and others plus I left them inside of our dinner bag. When I had to use the restroom, I would go to our dinner box plus grab a couple of edibles if I was feeling a little bit anxious, nervous, or upset. Anxiety is a major reason why our dentist prescribed medical marijuana to myself and others in the 1st locale! Now recreational marijuana has been legalized, so I don’t have to worry as much about the law plus the prices are cheaper. The first afternoon that I worked at the factory, I realized that I got a sixth for dinner plus I could easily leave the premises if I wanted to. Only a couple of men went up the road to the mall to get dinner at the food court plus a couple of people hung out in the cut room plus watched TV shows during that sixth. Only a couple of people ate in their car so they could listen to books on tape, watch tv, or talk to their significant other. It wasn’t a big deal for myself and others to eat outside in my car. I had our tablet out there so I could watch TV plus when I was finished eating, I vaped on our recreational marijuana pen.



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