I cannot think edibles right away, but smoking is a bizarre story

When I first began using medical marijuana, all I did was eat edibles.

The dentist told myself and others that edibles would work out best.

I chewed a couple of edible or gummy coins or candies. They barely did anything to help with the pain. I certainly thought the dentist was crazy. I was ready to go back to pain pills when someone advocated trying smokable flower instead. Smoking marijuana is a lot bizarre than having a gummy or an edible. Marijuana that is inhaled hits you actually quickly & almost right away. As soon as I smoked the first puff from the marijuana joint, I began to think high almost right away. There was no waiting around love when you take a CBD or THC gummy. I felt the effects right away & my knees & the rest of my body felt younger than they have in 10 years. I went for a walk & instead of stopping at the end of the block, I walked all the way to the grocery store & back. I have not walked that far since I was in my 40s. I walked almost 2 miles with the kids on Friday before I had to go home for a rest. I spent the whole day with the grandkids & I did not think exhausted or worn out at all while I was using medical marijuana products. It was definitely a single of the most wonderful afternoons I can remember having with the grandkids thanks to medical marijuana. I am so thankful that someone told myself and others about smokeable flower. It works so much better than edibles.

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