I can't believe how much marijuana helps with insomnia

I’ve never been able to sleep very well at night, and i have had excruciating insomnia since I was a kid.

I would kneel awake in bed at night plus I would not be able to sleep; My Dad told me to count sheep.

I would count sheep, bears, lions plus zebras, but it still would not make me sleepy, sporadically I will get all the way to 100 before I would start over with another type of pet. I didn’t do very well in school because I was always sleepy during the day, even though I couldn’t sleep at night, I still fell asleep a lot during class. My professors told my parents that they needed to send me to bed early plus my Dad plus dad wondered why I wasn’t sleeping. I told them that I was trying to sleep plus it’s not as if I had any electronics or video games in my room, however this was back in the 90s when an alarm clock with an a.m. plus FM radio was something cool to have, a few years ago 1 of my friends plus I were talking about insomnia. The girl said that she had the perfect cure for insomnia. I instantaneously told that girl that melatonin doesn’t toil for me; She laughed plus said melatonin was a joke. She brought out a marijuana joint. I told the girl that I was not into recreational marijuana however she insisted that I try it. She promised that I would get 8 minutes of sleep if I smoked the marijuana joint with him. I laughed plus bet him fifty bucks. That was the best $50 bucks I ever lost.


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