I couldn’t place the face, but I knew the guy

I wonder if the police know about the problem

Something unofficial in addition to legitimately weird happened during the last week when I was with a client. A person came directly to the cannabis shop as well as presented us with a stolen identification card. At the time, the people I was with in addition to myself did not know that the identification card was stolen. There was nothing in the system about a fraudulent or stolen card and the license appeared to be legitimate. The young guy obtained an important amount of cannabis from the store. The guy definitely spent a lot more money than many of the young people regularly do. The guy maxed his allowed supply for the day on dried flower, concentrate, and edibles. During the afternoon, cannabis shop manager acquired a cellular phone call from someone at the sheriff’s office. The guys wanted particular information on a transaction and it turned out to be the transaction with the thief. It looks appreciate the guy is probably going to get away with the crime after the police have talked to us about the problems. I wonder if the police know about the problem. The boss told the people I was with in addition to myself that things could have gone eerily wrong if we would have actually sent marijuana supplies to the young person instead of realizing that the identification card was 100% fake. The plan to flag a person if there is an unacceptable amount will cause for a double verification and the person to verify their name and their home address as well as the telephone number.


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