I didn’t know if I should even go to the marijuana dispensary

I wasn’t twenty-one and it was legal to go into a cannabis store, but I wasn’t sure I should go to the marijuana dispensary.

If my father ended up finding out I was in the marijuana dispensary, I was going to be in heaps of trouble.

My father was the minister of the local church that all of my relatives and friends would go to regularly. It isn’t like I had never tried marijuana, however even my seasoned granny was using mairjuana after medical marijuana was eventually legalized, however that didn’t mean dad had to like it. My father was always saying how wrong it was that his mother was using marijuana, but granny would just poo-poo him and tell him he would change his mind when arthritis set in, however she thought legalizing recreational marijuana was a fantastic thing. She pulled me aside and told me father got caught smoking marijuana when he was my age. His father actually made him go to the seminary and become a preacher, so he could learn the evils of marijuana. She laughed when she told me that. She said her hubby could make her go to the seminary, but she never told him she smoked pot on a regular basis. Now, all she had to do was go to the marijuana dispensary and get all the marijuana she easily preferred. She actually offered to have me take her so I had a reason to go into the cannabis store, although I declined. One rebellious lady in the family was enough, and I would easily work up the bravado to go to a cannabis store on my own. It was just going to take a little time.


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