I didn’t realize there was a recreational pot dispensary near me

I thought I knew every street and store like the back of our hand, although I was surprised when I saw a location that I had never noticed before! I went to point this current marijuana dispensary out to our friend, however our surprise only increased when he pulled into the cannabis dispensary’s parking lot.

I asked our neighbor if he knew this recreational pot store existed, and he told myself and others that it had been here for awhile, which made myself and others believe dumb because just prior I was saying how well I knew this area, and well, I think I didn’t suppose it nearly and I thought; The greatest surprise was finding out our neighbor used recreational pot, however no offense to weed users, however you can usually tell because they smell like marijuana, however our neighbor did not, as I followed our neighbor inside of the recreational weed store, it became clear as to why our neighbor did not smell, and my neighbor went to the counter and purchased marijuana edibles, and then after a bit of looking around, the people I was with and I left.

I asked our neighbor how long he has been using marijuana, and whether edibles were the only thing he used; He told myself and others he has tried marijuana oils and smoking marijuana, however edibles was his number one way of getting high. I thought about this for a bit, and knew that our neighbor using recreational pot did not change him as a person, and so I accepted it. I don’t think I could ever see myself using marijuana, however it is okay if others choose to.


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