I don't care for walking several flights of stairs

The first afternoon back went pretty well

Last Wednesday I was playing hoops with my friends, but jack plus I both went up for a block at the same time plus I fell down on my ankle… I landed in a way that made my ankle turn to the side. I knew it was sprained badly, and my ankle was still hurting pretty badly after an hour plus some ice, so I decided to go to the emergency room for an x-ray. I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t broken; The doctor took an X-ray plus confirmed what I already suspected. I had a terrible Springtime however nothing was broken. The doctor put me in a boot cast for a couple of weeks to help keep my ankle mobilized. I went to toil with the boot on my leg. I told my boss at the marijuana dispensary that I could still deliver; She wanted me to toil inside instead of delivering, because of the injury. I told his that I needed the money from the tips. I could not afford to toil inside of the store, especially after spending $1,000 at the emergency room. My boss told me that he would keep me on the delivery schedule unless I was too slow. I knew that he had to worry about the marijuana deliveries plus my sprained ankle. The first afternoon back went pretty well. I didn’t have any deliveries that screened my ankle at all. The next afternoon, I had to walk up several flights of stairs to deliver marijuana to an apartment. The elevator was broken plus I thought I was going to pass out by the time I finally climbed several flights of stairs.

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