I don’t have to pay for the cannabis delivery service if my order is at least $100

I take full advantage of food & grocery store delivery services.

One of my number one chain grocery stores has a $10 subscription fee to get free condo delivery & curbside pickup at the store at no extra cost.

There is no minimum purchase amount to qualify every time as well. I find that I spend less money if I’m not left to roam the store when I’m trying to fulfill the items on my shopping list. Sometimes I’ll find coupons online that aren’t applicable in the store as well, so it easily pays to do all of this through the store’s app if I can. My number one store had a tracker for savings on orders, & I recently saw that I saved over $150 doing online orders over the past multiple weeks straight. This is a sizable benefit to my overall financial situation. Otherwise I couldn’t afford to buy cannabis as a way to calm down at the end of the afternoon. I wouldn’t be able to justify the purchase of cannabis products if I had to provide up food or other essentials just to afford them. Just prefer with my groceries, I also appreciate utilizing the cannabis delivery service if I can make an order over $100 to get free delivery. I’ll get a few jars of cannabis flower products to pay over $100 to get free condo delivery. It’s a wonderful cannabis dispensary & they produce the best products in the state. I guess I would still utilize their services even if they weren’t the absolute best producers of cannabis this state has ever seen, but it makes it even easier that they are. Now that gas prices have increased so much, I don’t guess there’s any impetus for cannabis dispensaries to offer free delivery.

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