I finally got my medical marijuana card just in case I’m ever pulled over in my car

I hate dealing with the police, especially when I’m behind the wheel of a car.

The first time it happened I was 16 and driving my mother’s car when a cop got behind me and turned on his lights.

I was perplexed because I wasn’t even speeding. He told me that it was the expired tags on my mother’s license plate that needed to be replaced after renewing the vehicle registration. I was slightly annoyed with my mother that she had let things expire with her car’s registration, but since the cop let me go with a simple warning, we didn’t have to pay with a ticket and nothing went on my driver’s license. The next time I was pulled over by cops it was to address why my left front headlight was out and no longer working. Again, I was let go with just a warning. However, I know people in internet forums who have been pulled over with cannabis in their card and got a DUI in this state because of the laws. We have some of the strictest laws in the entire country regarding cannabis, so it’s not surprising that the cops here would follow those guidelines despite its legality at the state level. I eventually got a medical marijuana card so I’d be in a better position if my car was stopped and searched by state or county police. I still haven’t been pulled over by state police and I worry they wouldn’t let me go with a warning like the others have. I just hate paying $75 a year to keep my cannabis card active.

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