I forgot my ID before I left the apartment

My friends and I were hanging out at the apartment and Jack suggested that we all go to the marijuana dispensary together.

  • I was totally up for an adventure.

We all piled into the car and drove about 15 miles to the next city. We only had to take our main highway to the freeway, but we had 12 miles to the next exit and that was the one with the marijuana dispensary. My friends and I did not know that the place was having a sale that day. They were celebrating their 3-year anniversary by having a 30% off sale on everything in the dispensary. I was pretty excited about the sale until I realized that I could not find my wallet anywhere. It wasn’t in my pocket so I thought I dropped it in the car. Once I got to the car I actually didn’t remember even picking up my ID from the bedside table. I immediately got upset. I grabbed Ben and I told him that I could not go inside of the dispensary. Without an id, they wouldn’t let my friends in either so it was best for me to stay back at the car and wait for them to return. Ben told me he would grab a couple of things that looked good. I also looked online at the sale prices and I emailed Ben a list of things that I wanted from inside of the dispensary. He bought everything except the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. They were out of stock and Ben didn’t know if I would want to replace them with something that was mediocre


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