I got lots of free stuff at the grand opening

I toil as an independent business plus from time to time I help out with big contracts for other companies.

One of the Heating plus A/C companies in the county won a estimate to install unit at a brand new marijuana dispensary.

The business did not have enough businesss to handle every day repairs plus service plus the contracting task so they looked for a couple of independent businesss. I was one of the people hired to toil on their task. I spent 30 afternoons laboring in the marijuana dispensary on all of the small things. When we were done with the task, the owner of the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary told us to come back for the grand opening. The grand opening was the following Monday. I asked my lady to go, although she wasn’t interested in hanging out at a marijuana dispensary. I got lots of free stuff at the grand opening. I should have asked one of my friends to go along, so I could have had two bags of free stuff. The tote of free stuff was given out to every single person that walked into the building that evening. The tote of free marijuana items included pre-rolls, concentrates, stickers, hats, t-shirts, plus a couple of odd fifth of top shelf marijuana flower. The tote of free marijuana items had to be worth $200 or more. I was pretty excited about the items I received plus I smoked one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints as soon as I got back to my apartment. When my lady came over, she complained about this aroma.

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