I got spoiled by cannabis delivery

Am I the only one that loved the COVID lockdown? I’m not saying that I liked seeing people get sick, or worrying about a global pandemic.

That part of it sucked, of course. But the lockdown aspect of it was pretty cool. My bosses made everyone start working from home, which for me was 100% better than driving to the stuffy office every day. Now I got to sit at my coffee table, watching TV and working on my laptop while wearing my pajamas. I had a solid six months where I hardly went outdoors at all, and it was glorious! Right around that same time the local cannabis dispensary started offering home delivery and it seemed that my life was complete. Between food delivery, booze delivery, Amazon, and the cannabis dispensary, I could live happily without ever going in public again! I think I would have been happy like that for many, many years. Alas, my job made everyone start coming into the office to work again, and that was a rough transition for me. I was used to keeping a bowl of cannabis at hand through the entire work day, which was no longer possible. I bought a bunch of cannabis gummies to use in the office, but it just wasn’t the same. I got spoiled by cannabis delivery, but even more spoiled by working from home. I have seen the Promised Land, and it involved smoking marijuana in my pajamas all day long. I can’t handle going into the office every day, not even the cannabis gummies can help that.


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