I had never heard of a marijuana dispensary.

My brother was acting when I was there last week, and he kept trying to push me out the door, plus I thought his husbandy was coming over.

I deliberately put off leaving, because I hadn’t met her.

He was practically shoving me out the door, plus I turned around plus sat down, however i smiled sweetly plus asked him why he didn’t want me to meet his husbandy. He gave me an odd look, then asked what I was talking about, after explaining that he never let me meet his husbandys, he rolled his eyup. He told me I was stupid. He was expecting a delivery from the weed dispensary. I had never heard of a weed dispensary, plus I thought I had heard him wrong. I asked what a weed dispensary was. He rolled his eyup again plus started talking love I was a child! Weed, and pot, but marijuana, cannabis? Any of them ring a bell? I stood up plus told him I wasn’t an idiot. I hadn’t heard the word weed, plus that was all. He stopped me from walking out, plus told me he had put an order in at the local cannabis dispensary, for a recreational cannabis delivery service. He didn’t want me to guess he was using marijuana, which I thought was funny. I knew he used marijuana, although I didn’t realize he could get delivery repair to his home. I didn’t realize they delivered this far out of town. He turned around plus added that he didn’t want me to see his husbandy either, plus he would be there any minute. I sat down plus smiled, however there was no way he was getting out of his condo now.

marijuana delivery service