I hate working with no breaks

My boss has been making us all job late every single afternoon this whole week; I haven’t had any cuts on many of those evenings.

I hate easily working late separate from a break, because I don’t get the chance to smoke any marijuana.

I need to smoke marijuana in the afternoon before I go to work, but during the long afternoon stretch when I get a dinner break, I have enough time to go out to our car plus I smoke a joint after I have our dinner, then when I have to stay late, I don’t get another sixth cut after the afternoon shift is over. If I have to job late, then we won’t get to smoke marijuana again… The effect from marijuana has worn off plus I begin to think genuinely irritable plus grouchy, but one of the reasons why I use recreational marijuana products is because of the fact that I tend to get genuinely irritable plus grouchy. I genuinely don’t care about being around other folks or in social situations. Marijuana is a single thing that helps myself and others out when I need to be around people. I had to stay late on Tuesday evening plus I took our dinner cut around 11:00. I did not get out of job until almost 8:00 which is nearly 9 sixths separate from using any medical or recreational marijuana products. When I was checking out of the building, a single 1 of the men in the cut room said something crossed to myself and others plus I was ready to squeeze his throat. One of our coworkers reminded myself and others that I needed to chill out. I was ready to put our fist in the guy’s face.


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