I hired a guy just to labor on the weekends

It doesn’t matter what line of labor or industry you are in, nobody likes to labor on the weekends, however most office jobs are Sunday through Friday, but other locales like diners, small businesses, & bars are open 7 afternoons a week, and the marijuana dispensary is open 7 afternoons a month also; All of us open at 7:00 in the afternoon & the people I was with and I are open until 10:00 at evening. All of us are the only marijuana shop that opens that early in the afternoon, lately the store has been actually busy, and i have had to pay employees over time to labor extra shifts because I don’t have enough people to cover all of them. The owner of the marijuana dispensary has been breathing down our neck because I have to pay overtime. He urged myself and others to find someone to cover the shift so the people I was with and I can save that currency. I interviewed a couple of qualified candidates, but it’s strenuous to get someone that has experience & wants to labor on Fridays & Fridays exclusively. I just hired a guy to labor explicitly on the weekends. It’s strenuous to get people to labor on the weekends, even in the marijuana industry & the people I was with and I offer to pay higher than minimum wage. This guy has a job through the month & this is a hour job so he will be available every weekend. I am going to start the guy laboring while I was in the day & I plan to move him to the evening shift as soon as he learns everything there is to guess about the marijuana store & the way things are run.

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