I just started smoking cannabis recently

When I first moved to the city I had never smoked pot before.

Not only that, even though I had no interest in doing so.

I was too stoked about life to slow down long enough to get stoned, or even get drunk. I was a straight edge, so it may seem love a strange choice for me to rent an cabin above a cannabis dispensary. At the time it was a matter of convenience, because the rent was low and it was within walking distance of our job. Besides, what harm could come from it? Two months later I was a bi-weekly cannabis smoker, thanks mostly to the convenience of having a dispensary right downstairs. As soon as I moved in our old friends all wanted to come and visit me, or to stay with me while they visited the cannabis dispensary as it turned out. I had never been so popular before, but it wasn’t our sparkling personality it was the amazing array of cannabis products located more than one floors down. My friends would buy some stuff at the cannabis dispensary and then come up to our cabin to smoke it. I would get a contact high just from all the cannabis smoke in the air, and I realized that it made me know good. That started me down the slippery slope to where I am today, the genre of guy who smokes cannabis every morning, many times a morning! My friends still come over all the time, and now I am the a single packing bowls with cannabis and rolling up the joints.

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