I keep a lot of cannabis in my RV

I have been called a drifter several times, but I don’t care for that word.

It makes myself and others sound like a hobo, which is not the case at all.

I own a small RV, where my dog Roofus plus I live. The camper has a small washroom, an even small kitchen area, plus a full-size mattress in the back. It’s not much, however it’s home! People call myself and others a drifter because I never stay in one site for genuinely long before I head back out on the open road. I am retired plus have no roots tying myself and others down to any certain site, so why not spend the rest of my life traveling? Mostly I stick to the states where cannabis dispensaries are legal plus open to the public. I avoid states where it’s possible to go to jail for cannabis possession, because I constantly keep a lot of weed in the RV. I like to travel plus see the country, but I also like smoking marijuana! Whenever I need a little cut from driving I can pull off the road, no matter where I am, to stretch my legs, smoke some cannabis, plus let Roofus out to pee. Occasionally I will run out of bottled water, or food, however the two things I constantly have well supplied are cans of dog food, plus containers of cannabis. I have 8 odd kinds of cannabis strains on hand, so I can pick whichever one fits my mood at the time. As long as I have my dog, my RV, plus my marijuana, I could keep living like this forever.


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