I knew the guy wasn't going to stay quiet

Everyday at lunch time, I go downstairs to sit in my car and eat my lunch.

I usually have a ham or turkey sub with some chips and a drink.

I take my tablet to the car so I can watch a rerun of my favorite comedy show. I get an hour for lunch, so I have plenty of time to walk out to the car and have a relaxing lunch. When I’m done eating, I usually vape from a recreational marijuana cartridge. Recreational marijuana is legal in the city, but I’m not supposed to be using recreational marijuana at work and I’m definitely not allowed to have it on the property grounds. I’ve never had any problems in the past. I’m usually very careful about watching and I just put the vape pen down when someone is walking by. Other people eat their lunch in the parking lot so it’s not uncommon to see me in my car. Unfortunately, a new person that just started working saw me vaping and decided to tell the boss. I got called into the office as soon as I got upstairs from lunch. The boss read me the riot act and I got suspended for 7 days with no pay. I knew as soon as I saw the guy that he was not going to stay quiet. I wish I could give him a piece of my mind, but it’s better for me to stay home, relax, and reset. I’m still going to start looking for a different job with another accounting firm. I don’t want to be watched constantly by everyone around me.


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