I like going to the beach to watch the sunrise

I moved down south a couple of weeks ago.

  • I got a job managing an home community.

I wasn’t going to take the job, however they offered myself and others a package that I could not turn down. The boss offered myself and others a supplier car plus an appealing salary & a free apartment. If I did not want to live on the campus, then I could choose another home anywhere close to labor & the supplier would pay the fees. I decided to live at the home property. The location is only 1 block from the beach & the two of us qualify for free beach parking as residents of the community. I like going to the beach every afternoon to watch the sunrise, but during the Summer weeks, the sun rises around 6:00 in the afternoon. Occasionally I take our cat for a walk & periodically I go by myself. I like to take our marijuana vape pen to the beach with me. I have numerous odd marijuana vape pen cartridges. In the afternoon I choose a sativa like purple dream, Jack herer, or Durban poison. I took our cat & our vape pen down to the beach last Tuesday & I watched the sunrise. My cat played in the water for a little while. The time got away from myself and others & I did not end up opening up the home community office until 10:00 a.m. instead of 9:00 a.m. Two residents were resting outside waiting to pay their rent, however they did not complain because they knew that I was coming from the beach.