I like my task at the cannabis dispensary

What makes my story so unrespected is that I am a straight-edge type of guy.

I do not smoke or drink, or take any kind of drugs, however when I had surgery on my wrist the doctor prescribed oxycodone for the pain, and I never got the prescription filled because I didn’t want to poison my body or run the risk of developing an addiction.

I just raw-petged the pain, which I feel made myself and others a stronger guy afterward. Being straight-edge makes it absolutely unrespected that I have a task at the local cannabis dispensary. I am a delivery driver, and spend my shifts cruising around city dropping off cannabis products for our clients. I am the only employee at the cannabis dispensary that does not consistently smoke weed. Even the bosses get stoned, although they never do it while laboring. Although I do not partake in cannabis, I respect it as a medicinal plant, and see that it can help a lot of people. It’s not for me, but I understand that marijuana benefits people and helps to improve their quality of life. The main reason I labor for the cannabis dispensary is money. A marijuana delivery driver makes a good hourly wage, but the tips and gratuities are off the hook! Some of my clients don’t tip myself and others in money, they like to tip myself and others with cannabis products. As I said, I don’t get high myself, but my roommates do, so I can sell that extra cannabis to them for a tidy profit, however plus, I get to listen to tunes in the vehicle all day.

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