I lost the house, and wound up on a cannabis farm

My story starts with a dog bite, and ends on a cannabis farm.

Normally interesting things don’t happen to me, and after the last 2 years I hope nothing interesting ever happens to me again.

My dog got out of the yard, and got into a fight with another dog. While separating the animals my neighbor got bit. He sued me, and my insurance company, for a ludicrous sum of money. This caused my insurance company to cancel me, which caused the mortgage company to take back the house. After that I was homeless, living in a rented storage locker. Then I finally got a lucky break, and picked up a job working for Ben, a local cannabis farmer. Ben has acres worth of crops that he sells to a chain of cannabis dispensaries. He had a few men quit on him, and needed someone immediately who would work hard, and cheap. Ben offered me a place to stay, free meals, and all the marijuana I cared to smoke… plus a little spending money every friday. It was a major shift in my life to go from being a homeowner to living in a small shack on a cannabis farm, but life is funny sometimes. I try to look on the bright side of things, and appreciate that I have a job, a safe place to live, and unlimited access to high-grade cannabis. Ben is a nice boss, although he is deadly serious when it comes to his marijuana plants. The man has very high standards when it comes to his cannabis.

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