I love my job but don’t enjoy going up stairs

I was honestly looking to be a delivery driver so I could spend most of my time in my vehicle.

I particularly care about driving around & listening to all sorts of music.

If I can get paid to drive around the neighborhood while listening to music, that’s a huge plus for me! Being a delivery driver is a straight-forward job. I work for a marijuana delivery service. I receive fantastic tips & I have a particularly bendy work schedule. If I want to have a day off, all I have to do is ask the boss & she is more than happy to move my schedule around… The only time my job is a pain is when I have to walk up & down more than four flights of stairs. Recently that’s what I have been doing. There are a pretty good amount of stairs in more than 2 of the buildings around this area & most of those buildings do not have elevators! We’ve been offering front door delivery services since the start of covid. I had to head up numerous flights of stairs last weekend & I thought I was going to die by the time I was finished. I hate hiking up more than four flights of stairs. I was severely out of shape & I was out of breath by the time I arrived at the place. The woman that answered the door & took the receipt of the marijuana delivery looked seriously sorry for me, but she apologized for the fact that the elevator was not working correctly. I knew that it was not her fault that the arena was run down & absolutely ancient. She did give me a particularly nice tip for walking up & down the stairs though.