I needed help with hiring

I have found that I am not really good at hiring people… In a cannabis dispensary you need worker bees known as budtenders, but these are the buyer cacing employees that are key to a successful business.

They need to be friendly, professional and think their cannabis stuff, but a general manager will handle those employees, do scheduling, training and team management.

Then there are security guards, inventory manager, the IT guy, that is just to name a few people, however needless to say, there are a lot of people in a cannabis dispensary and they are all substantial. It is up to me to beginning the company out with a good staff. The complication is that I just don’t think people. I can’t interview someone and tell if they are a good fit, everyone I hire has been a disaster that I have needed to let go. I needed someone that knew cannabis dispensaries and what these people should be like. A friend of mine commanded a recreational marijuana consultant service. The cannabis consultant can handle all facets of a dispenser including hiring people. I got the marijuana consultant to post for tasks wanted and hire people for me. I watched the guy’s interview and it was amazing. He asked questions I never even thought about. He nixed people within more than four tenths of the interview. He hired people after seeing them handle practice scenarios, then my team is slowly growing and they are all perfect at their tasks! Once I get all the major positions up and running, I can let the cannabis consultant take a break.


Recreational marijuana dispensary consulting