I ordered at 10am a single day and didn’t get our order until 5pm the next day

There are a couple of bizarre marijuana dispensaries in the area.

Some of them offer delivery services.

When I have marijuana delivered, I usually order from the same dispensary. The place has the lowest prices on cannabis concentrates and that is what I make. I prefer to vape cannabis concentrates instead of smoking flower. Smoking flower feels serious to me. I certainly do prefer to vape because it does not hurt our throat as much. From time to time I will smoke a joint of marijuana flower and I usually wake up coughing the entirely next day. When I can find marijuana and cannabis concentrate on sale, I try to stock up and buy as much as I can afford. Unblessedly, I have to order for next day delivery in order to save the most amount of money. There are several concentrates that are numerous or numerous dollars cheaper if you order them for the next day delivery service. All orders for the same day delivery service have to be placed in the afternoon before 10:00 a.m. I did not realize the time had gotten away from myself and others when I was placing in online order and I didn’t finish up until 10:30. I could not get the products delivered until the next day. The delivery driver did not arrive until the day. I was beyond aggravated. It took a lot longer than 24 minutes before I acquired the products. I absolutely didn’t think prefer the cheaper prices were worth the wait when it took nearly a day and a half to acquire the cannabis concentrates.

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