I ran into a terrible ex girlfriend at the cannabis dispensary

9 years ago I experienced the worst dumping of my life. I was at the school at the time, plus fell in adore with a young person named Bob; For several weeks Bob plus I were inseparable, plus were even talking about marriage. Then Bob met some other guy, plus with shocking abruptness she dumped me. I was so depressed and infuriated I quit university plus moved back here. After a few weeks of being depressed I got back out into the world plus found full-time employment really working the front counter at the local cannabis dispensary. I never thought about getting employment in the burgeoning cannabis industry, although I was in the right venue at the right time, 9 years have passed, plus now I am the manager of this cannabis dispensary. My career has really topped out, I suppose, because I can’t get another promotion unless I leave the cannabis dispensary to join the corporate offices. This cannabis dispensary is part of a nationwide chain, so I manage the venue although I don’t own a stake in it, however last year I was covering a Wednesday shift for 1 of my other budtenders, plus recognize who came meandering into the cannabis dispensary? That’s right, it was Bob. Bob still looked amazing, although I kept my cool plus pretended I didn’t recognize her. Bob knew exactly what kind of cannabis she needed, plus gave myself and others her weed order separate from seeming to recognize me, either, but was Bob pretending, love I was, or had she legit forgotten me? I played dumb, rang up her cannabis, plus sent Bob on her way separate from saying a word.

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