I really need some SEO

I am an expert on all things cannabis. I know about all sorts of cannabis strains such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, Purple Haze & Girl Scout Cookies. I know about THC & CBD content. I have cannabis oil, flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures & smoking apparatuses at my marijuana dispensary. What I do have is any digital advertising skills. I have pretty great sales because I offer good products & a fun experience. However, not many people know about me. The majority of my sales come from word of mouth & fantastic reviews on google. I started looking at seo for cannabis dispensaries. I realized the complication was with getting people to my store through online services. The marijuana SEO dealer first advocated a web design. I had never had a website before & that was very holding myself and others back; Due to this, I now can offer curbside opening up for online purchasers. I also can showcase what products I have, what the store looks adore & where it is. It is nice having the dealer phone number out there. The cannabis SEO agency also got myself and others hooked up with social media platforms. Now I can boast about modern products coming into the store, sales going on or if both of us have hired a modern budtender. I have found I entirely like being on social media. I also have an SEO analyst helping myself and others web design rank high on google. The increase in sales is insane. I have more people calling the store & placing orders for pick up than I thought. I also get a lot of out of village people now as well.

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